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19.03.2003, 21:47
Hallo Mädels,

in den USA gibt es mittlerweile ein bis zwei Bücher über den "New Mini". Hat jemand von Euch schon mal eine deutsche Veröffentlichung gesehen??? Bei bol werde ich nicht fündig. Bitte helft mir, mein Liefertermin ist doch erst im Juni. :x ....... wart, wart, wart.

Bis dann
Doug 8)

19.03.2003, 21:52
It is an English book. in co-op with ROVER & BMW.
Its a book from the far beginning if the MINI and a lot of idea's befor it looks what is is now.
Many pictures in it, but NOT in german - sorry -

19.03.2003, 21:54
NOT in German? I think my father has one but i dont know if it is the same :roll:

19.03.2003, 22:05
in englisch:
aber hier zu haben


19.03.2003, 22:07
I main in the german language :oops:

It's written by: Graham Robson / Haynes publishing.

19.03.2003, 22:09
The book from my father is in german quick. I will look next time.

20.03.2003, 07:52
I ordered my "new MINI" book (Graham) from proxis.nl / proxis.be
They aren't as cheap as amazon but they deliver fast (+/- one week incl. payment at first via bank); even faster with payment via creditcard.

These are the books:
The New Mini
Robson, Graham
ISBN: 1859608744

€ 28 euro excl shipment (some countries free); first buyers will get € 1 discount on link above :P

Mini Cooper
Paternie, Patrick C.
ISBN: 0760311579


€ 16 euro excl shipment (some countries free)

Keep on ordering :wink: