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Hello everyone doesn't seem to be any international members here so I'll give it a try this is my turbo R53 after 11 years of ownership still going strong

[Bild: IMAG0049_11_zpsac0b6d65.jpg]

[Bild: Chiomegarho3AF0sigmaftau3AF0taulambdaomi...f24948.jpg]

[Bild: DSC_0027_zpswfvbmbhe.jpg]
nice one
Its a Very nice mini.
I love the combination of the color. Blue and the white rims.
thanks! here are some more pics

[Bild: DSC_0032_zps0vylwjdp.jpg]

[Bild: DSC_0345_zps68481834.jpg]

[Bild: IMAG1164_zps473feb40.jpg]

[Bild: DSC_0086_zpsldpziph3.jpg]

[Bild: DSC_0085_zpsmlzlufyi.jpg]
Double post
Whoa! Nice!
A turbo charged R53 Respekt

I think you have to tell us more about it Augenbrauen
chubv schrieb:A turbo charged R53 Respekt

I think you have to tell us more about it Augenbrauen

Well the spec list is endless but in a summary the basics are

Complete supetech valvetrain +0.5mm intake valves +2.3mm exhaust valves beehive springs and titanium keepers and Newman Turbo speced camshaft

Stoptech BBK 328x28 with Brembo discs from the race catalog junior WRC 6.3kg with the alloy bells

Exedy HyperSingle3+ clutch and Quaife LSD

Garrett Gt2863R with race bearings and GTX billet compressor wheel

RTM standalone ECU and coil on plug conversion and methanol injection

Eibach MultiProR1+Swift Spings

[Bild: DSC_0164_zpsae96da28.jpg]

[Bild: P1000438_zps01b63326.jpg]
[Bild: DSC_1222_zpsksnixvpj.jpg]

[Bild: P1020002_zps4e15ea2f.jpg]
[Bild: DSC_1215_zpsgtrrqswr.jpg]
[Bild: DSC_1228_zpslqnwrqn0.jpg]
[Bild: P1000878_zps144d9ed2.jpg]
[Bild: IMAG1200_zps3b59a576.jpg]
[Bild: IMG_20151118_113047_zpsp7o60qeu.jpg]
[Bild: DSC_0088_zpsgc4t2ll6.jpg]
Amesome Mini RespektTop
I'm missing the hard facts ...


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