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60 Years Of MINI Limited Editions

List of limited edition MINI cars from 1976 to 2020 (available at least in UK)

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1. 1976 Mini 1000 'Stripey' LE

“If ever a car has earned its stripes, it’s the Mini,” said the advert for the first Limited Edition Mini.

The striped cloth upholstery was the height of 1970s fashion and the Brooklands Green Mini boasted many new features like

reclining front seats and improved air vents.  

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2. 1979 Mini 20

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mini production, the Mini 1100 Special, with its1098cc engine, came in metallic silver

or rose and had alloy wheels, tinted glass, cut-pile carpets, extra instruments, and a vinyl roof which was a sure sign of


No wonder the adverts said, “You take the Daimler dear, I’ll drive the Mini.”  

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3. 1982 Mini Mayfair

The first of the “London” Minis, although not a limited edition, the Mayfair first appeared in 1982, continuing in

production until 1996.

Boasting seats in ‘Raschelle’ velour, with door-to-door carpets, and a push-button radio, the Mayfair was described as

having the “Chic of the Devil”. Later versions also offered alloy wheels among the optional extras.

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4. 1983 Mini Sprite

The Sprite recalled the spirit of Austin Healy Sprite. It came either in Cinnabar Red or Primula Yellow and had black

bumpers, grille, and wheel arch extensions, as well as a side stripe and Sprite logo.

It boasted alloy wheels and came with herringbone fabric upholstery.

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5. 1984 Mini 25

1984 was the silver anniversary of Mini production, so the special edition naturally came in Silver Leaf Metallic, with

Nimbus Grey trim.

A red decal stripe and Mini 25 logo adorned the sides while the interior was in luxury velvet with red piping and red

seatbelts. 12-inch wheels and a stereo radio cassette came as standard

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6. 1985 Mini Ritz

“Not everybody gets to live it up in the Ritz,” declared the advertisement for the Mini Ritz, evoking the luxurious hotel.

Launched in January 1985  and limited to 2,200 cars, the Ritz came in Silver Leaf with chrome detailing and red decals.

The interior was a stylish combination of red, blue, and grey velour, and it boasted 12-inch alloy wheels. When stocks sold

out they gave way to the Mini Chelsea.

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7. 1985 Mini Chelsea

Hot on the heels of the Ritz special edition came the Chelsea, now also available in Targa Red, and adding opening rear

windows to the 12-inch alloy wheels.

The Chelsea sought to evoke the spirit of the “Swinging Sixties” while simultaneously appealing to the “Yuppy” market in

the eighties with the slightly clunky phrase “From flower power to power, flower”.

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8. 1986 Mini Piccadilly

“Another glittering West End production” is how the Mini Piccadilly was introduced to the world, and in Cashmere Gold

Metallic with the Piccadilly logo on the rear and sides, it was certainly glittering.

The interior was upholstered in Bitter Chocolate, Coffee, and Claret, velvet fabric with embroidered Piccadilly logo.

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9. 1987 Mini Park Lane

The stylish black paintwork of the Park Lane with decal stripes, ‘Park Lane’ logo and chrome trim gave the next of the

‘London’ series of special edition Minis. Black and beige velvet trim with matching beige seatbelts graced the interior.

Four thousand were built of which two-and-a-half thousand were for export with seven-hundred of those going to Japan, where

the Mini had become very popular.

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10. 1987 Mini Advantage

Originally another in the ‘London’ series, the ‘Wimbledon’; the All England Lawn Tennis Association squashed plans for

giving a car with that name a tennis theme.

Perhaps this led to the car being launched in May at the French Open? Diamond White paintwork, grey trim, tennis net decals

featuring the ‘Advantage’ logo, and the green and grey ‘Tennis Net’ interior would have made this a hit with tennis fans.

The promotional image, apparently inspired by a famous tennis poster wouldn’t be acceptable these days though.

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11. 1988 Mini Racing

One of several limited-edition Minis based around different colours; the Mini Racing was, of course, metallic British

Racing Green with a white roof.

It had white coach lines and the ‘Racing’ logo on the sides and black ‘Crayons’ fabric interior. Also out in 1988 were the

‘Red Hot’ (GPO Red) and ‘Jet Black’, while they were joined in 1989 by ‘Sky’ and ‘Rose’ which had baby blue and baby pink

roofs and white bodywork, and the Flame (Flame Red). They were advertised with the slogan, “At last, the Sixties.”

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12. 1989 Mini 30

In June 1989 the Mini 30 was unveiled for the 30th anniversary of the Mini. Available in Cherry Red or Black with decals

and badge featuring a 1959-1989 crest.

The upholstery was part leather with red piping and it came with a leather-bound copy of Rob Golding's book "Mini".

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13. 1990 Mini Checkmate

One a further series of ‘Colours’ specials, along with the ‘Racing Green’ (1989) and ‘Flame Red’ (1990) all had white

roofs, decals, chrome bumpers, black grilles, and Minilite alloy wheels.

The Checkmate was identical to the others except for the colour, Black, and the ‘Checkmate’ logo on the decals.

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14. 1991 Mini Neon

The Mini Neon came in Metallic Nordic Blue although according to one source, this was intended to be Pearlescent Caribbean


The seats had chevron faced velour and in the midst of a global recession the extras were a little sparse. You did however

get a digital stereo radio cassette player and hinged rear windows.

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15. 1992 Mini Italian Job

Obviously inspired by the 1969 movie of the same name which featured red, white, and blue Mini Cooper S’s, this limited

edition 1,275cc ‘Italian Job’ was based on the Mayfair, and was available in Flame Red, Diamond White, and Electric Blue,

plus Metallic British Racing Green.

Twin headlamps, white grille, white alloy wheels, and bonnet stripes gave this car a unique and stunning look.

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16. 1993 Mini Rio

Seeking to evoke the feeling of summer fun driving the Rio came in Metallic Polynesian Turquoise, Pearlescent Caribbean

Blue, and Black, with a jazzy seat covers on ‘Rover style’ seats.

‘Rio’ decals and chrome bumpers adorned this 1275cc uprated Mayfair. Limited to 750 cars, launched in June, this then gave

way to the Tahiti launched in October.

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17. 1993 Mini Tahiti

The Mini Tahiti was, to all intents and purposes a Mini Rio in Pearlescent Tahiti Blue and with a different set of decals

and seat covers.

Having said that, this one did come with alloy wheels as well. Both Rio and Tahiti also came with the VIN etched into the

windows, locking fuel filler cap, and a security coded entertainment system.

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18. 1994 Mini 35

Another anniversary arrived in 1994. The Mini marque was now 35 years old and the commemorative car was a buffed-up Sprite

available in Nevada Red, Diamond White, and Arizona Blue.

There were chrome bumpers and handles, and a spectacularly vibrant pink and grey ‘Jamboree’ seat trim. Alloy wheels were an

optional extra.

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19. 1995 Mini Sidewalk / Mini Tartan

The Mini Sidewalk came in a choice of Metallic Charcoal, Kingfisher Blue, or Diamond White paintwork with chrome bumpers

and ‘Sidewalk’ decals. The interior was in a red and blue tartan which gave the car its nickname.

The seatbelts were bright red to match the tartan and this was the first special edition with rear inertia reel seatbelts.

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20. 1996 Mini Cooper 35

Celebrating thirty-five years since the Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper debuted in 1961, the Mini Cooper 35 came

in the same almond green of the first Coopers although the engine was now 1275cc rather than 987cc.

Decals featured the words “Mini Cooper 1961-1996 Anniversary Edition”, charcoal painted 12inch alloy wheels came as

standard. Only 200 were built for the UK and, of these a handful had the John Cooper S treatment.

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21. 1997 Mini Cooper S Sport 5

Based on the Mini Cooper, this John Cooper Garages conversion ramped up the power to 86 bhp and employed a 5-speed Jack

Knight Designs gearbox as standard.

It was available in a full range of classic Mini colours for the exterior and featured a half leather interior with several

full leather options. Cooper badging front and rear with side decals, wide bonnet stripes and twin auxiliary headlamps add

to the sporty feel.

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22. 1998 Mini Paul Smith

A ‘designer’ Mini from Paul Smith in unique ‘Paul Smith Blue’ with citrus ‘UK map’ badge on the grille, a 9ct gold bonnet

badge and black leather seats with citrus and blue detailing in the interior.

Only 300 of the 1,800 production run remained in the UK; most went to Japan.

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23. 1999 Mini 40

Only 800 limited edition 40th anniversary Minis were built. There were seven colour options with matching leather interior

and 40th anniversary badging and decals.

Other refinements included  leather facia top, gear knob, and handbrake, CD Player, 13-inch Sportspack wheels and arches,

and twin spotlamps.

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24. 2000 Mini Cooper Sport 500

A limited run of 500 of the very last Mini Coopers included a plaque in the glove box indicating that fact. Customers also

received an exclusive Mini merchandise goody bag.

Available in four classic Mini colours with Nickel Silver leather seats, the very last Mini rolled off the Longbridge

production line on 4th October 2000

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Start of 'New' MINI production

1. 2002 Launch Edition MINI Cooper

New owners BMW introduced the new MINI Hatch in 2000/2001 and quickly followed up with a Cooper version in 2002 which, as

you would expect had a white roof as well as a number of improvements particularly to the performance.

Most importantly it continued the Cooper tradition into the new generation.

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2. 2005 MINI Cooper S Checkmate

In 2005 with MINIs fortunes flying high, but the first generation in dire need of a revamp, they produced three fully

loaded special editions.

The Checkmate offered silver and blue leather interior and distinctive checker designs on the metallic blue exterior as

well as some further refinements.

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3. 2005 MINI Cooper Park Lane

The Park Lane featured metallic Royal Grey paintwork with a silver roof and bonnet stripes, as well as special graphics.

The interior benefited from exclusive leather trim, and 16-inch alloys, auto air-con, an on-board computer and front sports

seats came as standard.

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4. 2005 MINI One SEVEN

The MINI One Seven featured an exclusive paint job in metallic Solar Red with Mini Seven decals. The interior was finished

in ‘Seven’ cloth and trim with a leather sports steering wheel.

Other standard features included fifteen-inch delta spoke alloy wheels, automatic stability control and traction (ASC+T),

rear spoiler, front fog-lights, manual air conditioning, on board computer.

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5. 2006 MINI GP

2,000 MINI GPs were built of which 500 were destined for the UK.

Essentially a road-legal version of the Cooper S Challenge race cars, with removed rear seats, it came with eighteen-inch

alloys, a large (wind tunnel tested) spoiler, and a Cooper tuned engine which delivered 215 bhp, the most powerful factory


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6. 2007 MINI Designer’s Choice

300 of these cars were built for the Japanese market. 100 were based on the Cooper, and 200 on the Cooper S. It came in

Astro Black with a white roof featuring a black graphic which was repeated on the grille badge.

White 5- spoke alloy wheels, and Panther black interior in cloth/leather for the Cooper and full leather for the Cooper S

came as standard.

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