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Im UK Pressclub wurden u.a. folgende Aussagen zur zukünftigen MINI Modellstrategie veröffentlicht:

03.11.2021 Press Release

As a premium small and compact car brand operating globally in 109 countries, MINI is committed to continuing its success story with strategic expansion of the product range, technology innovations and new production sites. The objective is to significantly enhance popularity and profitability over the next decade.

Electric vehicles will make up 50 percent of total global MINI sales by 2027. In 2025, the last new MINI model powered with a combustion engine will be launched and complete electrification of the MINI model range will take place by the early 2030s.

From 2023, MINI will present the first model in a new generation of cars powered by an all-electric drivetrain. The future core portfolio of all-electric powered vehicles will include the MINI 3-Door Hatch, a new crossover in the small-car segment which will only be available with a purely electric drivetrain and the next generation MINI Countryman in the compact segment. MINI is also developing concepts for John Cooper Works models with an electrified drivetrain.

MINI’s small-car models and the next generation MINI Countryman in the premium compact segment will also be available with conventional combustion engines.

Another component in the strategy for profitable growth is MINI’s enhanced commitment in the premium compact segment. Alongside the successor to the current MINI Countryman, a new vehicle concept is being developed. This will meet the wishes of many customers for additional space and comfort, and increased variability.

• New MINI vehicle concept in the premium compact segment currently in development.
• Next generation MINI Countryman will launch in 2023 and be built at BMW Group Plant Leipzig.
• MINI Convertible production will return to Plant Oxford in 2025.

Production of the next generation MINI Countryman will also be launched in 2023 and the car will be built at the BMW Group Plant Leipzig, making it the first MINI Made in Germany. All other MINI models, including the MINI Convertible set to launch in 2025, will be produced at the MINI Plant in Oxford, which remains the heart of MINI production. The United Kingdom will continue to be the home of the MINI brand.

Quelle: BMW Pressclub UK